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Bruno Falcão

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My story

With two decades of immersive experience in the educational events sector on a global scale, he works as a businessman and entrepreneur specializing in the design, development and execution of high-impact events on both the national and international scene. The academic training is robust and diverse, including a diploma in Physical Education and a postgraduate degree in Sports Administration and Marketing from the renowned Gama Filho University (UGF).

He is the visionary behind Science Play, a pioneering initiative that revolutionized interactive and dynamic learning within the healthcare educational niche. Furthermore, it is the driving force behind the CONFERENCE project, integrated into the prestigious Arnold Sports Festival South America. This conference, endorsed by a personality of Arnold Schwarzenegger's caliber, not only gained exclusive prominence in Brazil, but was also strategically expanded to four continents, solidifying its presence in the global market.

In the editorial field, he stands out as the best-selling author of the book "O Fim do Consultório", a work that climbed to the highest positions on Amazon, leading the Medicine category in June/2022.

With a commitment to excellence and continuous development, he achieved the title of Mastercoach in Business. Recently, together with nutritionist Roberta Carbonari, he launched the book "Diarily", a strategic and inspiring guide designed to accelerate the growth of careers and businesses for healthcare professionals.

Further expanding his repertoire of influence, he is the founder of the innovative mentoring program Palestre•se, where he empowers and trains new speakers, equipping them with the necessary tools to capture audiences and transmit knowledge effectively. Work here is not just a career, but a passionate contribution to educate, inspire and innovate in all aspects of professional development and business.l.

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