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Chromium Picolinat in PCOS Management

Polycystic ovary syndrome, PCOS affects about 11 to 18% of women of reproductive age worldwide. In this sense, this syndrome mainly affects overweight and obese women, being characterized by an endocrine-based disorder. For identification, the woman must present at least two of the three criteria: anovolution, hyperandrogenism and the presence of ovarian cysts (polycystic ovaries) identified on ultrasound. Thus, one study investigated whether the use of chromium picolinato improves PCOS. Read on to learn more about this topic.

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Pathogenesis of PCOS

The metabolic disorders that characterize PCOS are mainly hyperinsulinemia and peripheral insulin resistance. Women diagnosed with PCOS often have fertility problems, since ovulation is reduced and in a portion of this population amenorrhea is present. In this sense, many studies seek complementary treatment alternatives for this disorder. Thus, a double-blind randomized controlled trial (RCT), looked at the use of chromium picolinat in PCOS and identified potential benefits of use.

Chromium Picolinato and PCOS in literature

Thus, for this randomized clinical trial, 100 women from 20 to 35 years of age were selected and divided into two groups, one consuming 1000 μg chromium picolinato per day, fractionated in 5 doses and the second group receiving a placebo in the same proportion. The consumption of the supplement lasted six months, and in one part of the group there was the association of restriction of consumption of foods rich in fat and simple sugars, in addition to the implementation of physical activity 3 x per week.

It was possible to observe that there was no statistically significant difference in the reduction of hirsutism or testosterone concentration between the two groups. However, in the study, women who consumed chromium picolinato supplementation showed improvement in serum insulin levels as well as fasting glycemia. In addition, the use of picolinato has been shown to be effective in ovulation and menstruation. Bmi reduction data may also be associated with the energy restriction made by the participants and by performing physical exercises.

Chromium Picolinato x SOP

Chromium picolinat is the most popular form of chromium supplementation, its elemental trivalent natural form is Cr3+ which can be found in food and plays a relevant role in the treatment of PCOS by improve the picture of insulin resistance in women. Data indicate that chromium picolinate acts on insulin receptor softening glucose metabolism.

Clinical practice

To ensure the desired effect, the study points out that chromium consumption should be high and persistent, because the effectiveness of treatment is perceived from the second month of consumption. Thus, the doses of picolinato vary between 1000μg to 1600μg/day with data to date of very low toxicity.

Thus, at the outpatient level, the consumption of chromium picolinato seems to be an alternative for the improvement of PCOS. In addition, conventional treatment should not be discarded. The association of energy restriction for weight loss and the implementation of weekly exercise should also be a priority of the nutritionist, in order to improve the metabolic and reproductive health of his patient.

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Article Chromium

picolinate reduces insulin resistance in polycystic ovary syndrome: Randomized controlled trial. J Obstet Gynaecol

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