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Palestre•se: check out how was the third class?

Speakers: the third group of Palestre•was led by Brunno Falcão was composed of more than 20 health professionals, composed of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists and pharmacists, who share a common desire: the eager to improve achieving maximum career performance and thus become a successful speaker. Today, without any doubts are more ready to spread their voice and truth through the stages of Brazil and the world, changing the lives of countless people.

The duration of our immersion was three days (and nights) that had a time only for the beginning, because the students went into the early morning delighting in theories and practices to further develop the stage and career performance.

In addition, since the first class, Brunno and his team have been very much aware of the project since the beginning, so that knowledge and techniques presented to students were able to promote not only a professional transformation but a personal and career transformation, a fact reported in the statements of the speakers of the last class.

Check out some of the statements of the speakers below:

“The best investment I’ve made in my career in the last five years. I was part of group 3 of Palestre•se, and I am flattered, warm, renewed, emotional, surrounded by this feeling of belonging to the stages. @brunnofalcao and his team: you haven’t just changed the way we conduct a text, a speech, a disease. You have changed lives, changed history, trajectories, and brought us closer to the greater good of serving others. I’m very happy! In addition, wonderful networking are happening. Thank you for being God’s instruments in our lives. I point out with my eyes closed this immersion. Come prepared to live 10 years in one. When I have, count on me. A kiss on the heart.” Dr. Tatiany Faria, pharmacist.

“I can feel in every sector of my life the impact of part of class 3… i arrived with an expectation, given the investment of time and energy for this… at the end of the first block of the first day… thought: creature…. I’m glad you allowed yourself that. it’s going to be even more amazing! Look… if I could give advice to those who want to perform in professional life… Even if it’s not so much about lecting but communicating your purpose… it would be: will do the heart and open mind…. Your career is going to change! Congratulations team for the delivery … @brunnofalcao delivered everything even and) Together we go further! Family Gratitude.” Dani Muniz, nutritionist.

“My friends..

Passing here after my whirlwind of SDS agenda to thank the @BRUNNO FALCON for all delivery! Thank you for the opportunity to be with you guys and learn from each of you! I am happy for the opportunity and new friendships! Learn Brunno that with this immersion I already have Speakers who will be invited to be with me in some partnerships! Thank you all for the affection and opportunity! It was amazing and Success to all of you! Have it with me with whatever you need! Big hug to all!” Dr. José Ribas, doctor.

That’s Palestre•se | you on stage

Class 4 will begin on 28/07 and we also already have a class scheduled for October. If you want to learn more about immersion, be sure to follow our CEO and mentor of speakers @brunnofalcao on social networks, in addition to the profile of and our site !

How were the previous classes: What do the new speakers say about class 1?

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