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Become a Science Play investor

 Demand for nutritionists grew 330% in 2021, demonstrating a significant increase in awareness about health and well-being. Read more here!

According to a survey carried out by WW, in partnership with the Kantar Institute, Brazil is committed to raising health standards and quality of life. Read more here!

Aiming for this growth, Science Play is the platform that is shaping the future of health in Brazil, covering Nutrition, Medicine and Physical Education. It is the only platform in Brazil endorsed by the largest global health authority, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). The American College of Sports Medicine, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a sports medicine and exercise science membership organization. Founded in 1954, ACSM hosts the industry's leading global conferences. Find out more about ACSM here!

The platform was created to deliver to its clients, doctors and nutritionists, internationally recognized content of high market value and focusing on essential topics for professionals in Sports Medicine, Nutrology, Endocrinology, Integrative Medicine, Nutrition, and even the universe of mental health . 

And, in this operation, you will have the opportunity to become a partner at Science Play and be remunerated through annual dividends (up to 25% of the net profit earned in the previous year) and through the potential sale with the appreciation of your shareholding. 

This is a type of asset for those looking for portfolio diversification, exposure to emerging markets and wealth formation in the medium and long term. 

*Important: In this operation, Bloxs does not play any role in monitoring the execution of the business plan, strictly fulfilling our duty of sharing and disclosing periodic information that is the full responsibility of the Investee Company under the terms of CVM Resolution 88.

Why invest inScience Play?

  • A Legacy of Success: Science Play is a Brazilian platform that has 13 years of history, gaining a presence in no less than 95 countries.

  • Diversified product portfolio:  There are three essential professional fronts: Medicine, Nutrition and Personal Trainer (Physical Education). The contents are prepared, meeting the needs of health professionals who seek multidisciplinary approaches. Each piece of content maximizes the potential of interested professionals, expanding our network of influence. In addition to online content, in recent years it has stood out for providing in-person events, while exploring a vast growth potential in digital products. This turns our events into a true opportunity to expand the vast portfolio we offer.

  • Team of excellence: Science Play was founded by Brunno Falcão, an entrepreneur with more than 22 years of experience in the health education market. Brunno is a reference among the main professionals in the sector, author of #1 books on Amazon in the medicine category (in June/2022)  he is a mentor to Doctors, Nutritionists and Speakers. Its network of relationships brought Science Play collaborations with renowned names, such as Andréia Naves, Karina Al Assal, Luciana Lancha, Luciano Bruno, Paulo Muzy, Priscila Antunes and Roberta Carbonari.

  • Prestigious Projects: Brunno Falcão is the brain behind the CONFERENCE project at the Arnold Sports Festival South America, an initiative that takes international icon Arnold Schwarzenegger as its reference. In 2015, Brunno took this project to the United States for international implementation.

Science Play and Web Summit

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Since 2018, Science Play has been present at Web Summit Lisbon, the world's most prestigious event in technology, entrepreneurship and innovation. Starting our journey in Lisbon, we followed the global expansion of the Web Summit, being a constant presence in the Brazilian editions, held in Rio de Janeiro. In 2024, we reached a new milestone, participating in the inauguration of the Doha edition, in Qatar.


Science Play's trajectory at the Web Summit is a mirror of the dynamism and resilience of Brazilian entrepreneurship. Our path reflects an economy ready to assume a prominent role on the global technological scene. Not only do we attract the attention of investors and large conglomerates, but we also establish ourselves as valuable partners, innovators and creators of new solutions. The recognition we have achieved is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence.

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