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Since 2010, under the visionary leadership of Brunno Falcão, BF Eventos has emerged as a pioneering force in the events universe. Initially specializing in multi-sport and cultural events, with a special focus on Physical Education, Brunno's expertise propelled the company in innovative directions. In 2013, a new chapter began with the expansion into the Nutrition sector, culminating in 2014 with the conception and launch of the first Arnold Conference, a technical-scientific congress of the Arnold Sports Festival South America, a multi-sport event created by Arnold Schwarzenegger, a congress that quickly established itself as a landmark in the global industry.

This expansion knew no limits. Diversifying its portfolio, BF Eventos started to organize 22 annual congresses, covering Nutrition, Medicine and Personal Training, in 13 different cities. In 2015, the company ventured into uncharted territory with hybrid events (In-Person + Online), a bold innovation at a time where such tools were an unaffordable luxury.

In 2017, Science Play was born. Initially conceived as a digital extension of BF Eventos, Science Play quickly established itself as an authority in distance learning and the digital market. Under the leadership of Brunno and, from 2022, with the arrival of partner Pedro Perim, Science Play merged with BF Eventos, unifying under a single and powerful brand.

Today, Science Play represents the forefront of health education. We cross borders, impacting more than 250,000 professionals in 95 countries, with face-to-face and digital projects. Having represented global organizations in Brazil, such as ISSN(International Society of Sports Nutrition)and the NSCA(National Strength and Conditioning Association), we currently offer International Certifications approved by ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). Our journey is marked by excellence and global respect, with content generated by experts from more than 50 universities and laboratories around the world.

We are more than a brand; We are a movement that redefines healthcare education, shaping the future with innovation, expertise and passion.






At the forefront ofeducation forHealth professionals, our mission is to boost knowledge through quality content andinternational authority.


With a culture rooted in the passion forresults, focused on the customer, and with a tireless dedication toinnovation, we seek to not just educate, but revolutionize the learning experience.


We offerdigital and in-person experiencesunparalleled, full ofopportunities for networking andpersonal and professional development, for both our customers and our team.


Our vision is to connect the best resources, professionals and companies in the sector, promotinggrowth, evolution and a significant contribution to abetter world. We are more than passionate about knowledge; we are the agent of change,determined to make it happen.

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